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The horrific conditions in Romanian so-called “shelters” are now finally also being published in the British news

Pictures like those that activists who are involved in the Romanian dog tragedy since years have to endure almost on a daily basis are now finally making the news also in Great Britain.

The pictures published in the British Daily Mail yesterday show appalling shelter conditions with starving dogs forced to eat each other to stay alive and the half-mutilated corpse of one animal with intestines hanging out.

Read the entire report, at:…/Starving-dogs-Romanian-shelter…


A report by investigative journalists from RISE Project, released on 24th of July, 2014, confirms that the reality inside Romanian public shelters is shocking, with more than half the animals dying of ‘natural causes’.

The report states that, according to the city hall of Ploiesti (50 km from Bucharest), more than half of the 2.445 stray dogs captured last year (2013) from the streets died from ‘natural causes’ inside the public pound, while 297 were euthanised. A further 639 dogs out of a total of 1.516 dogs died of ‘natural causes’ this year – which brings the death rate at 42-56%.

However, the local mayor assured the journalists that the dogs would eat well as the institution has an “agreement with various hypermarkets and slaughterhouse to supply by-products that are not intended for human consumption”. The mayor further assured that the shelter fully complies with the legal requirements.

In Galati, from the 502 captured strays, 184 died last year – all of ‘natural causes’. In the local pound in Tulcea, 1.057 of 1,059 captured strays were euthanised in 2013. This year, the municipality show consistency in activity: from 444 dogs captured, 419 were euthanized during the period from January till April 2014.

AFTER the introduction of Romania’s Animal Welfare Law 9/2008, which was a condition for Romania’s entry in the EU, and which prohibited euthanasia in the absence of clear medical criteria, and BEFORE the introduction of the Romanian Slaughter Law 258/2013, many public shelters, or public financed shelters run by dog-catching companies, simply let the animals die of thirst and/or hunger, or of the consequences of diseases and injuries (often inflicted during the catching) left without veterinary care, and to die of one of these causes is considered “to die of natural causes”.

In the past, “euthanasia” in fact meant: poisoning, strangulation, being burnt alive, beaten to death or injected with magnesium sulphate. Today, “euthanasia” means starving to death, freezing to death, or being left to die of the consequences of diseases, of injuries inflicted during the catching, or of unprofessional sterilizations left without veterinary care.

This is the common fate of almost all Romanian stray dogs who have the misfortune to enter such a public shelter, or publicly financed animal shelter, of which most are nothing less than extermination camps run by untrained, poorly educated, underpaid and cruel shelter workers.

The report released by Rise Project, follows only days after Vier Pfoten released a shocking video on the horrible shelter conditions in Romania’s public shelters which made headlines in the Romanian and international news.

Indeed, between March and May 2014, a team of Vier Pfoten investigators visited and assessed 43 public shelters in Romania — from around 81 currently registered with the Romanian vet authorities. The results of the investigation are shocking: dog cadavers lying among living dogs, a mixture of food and waste, including urine and excrement, on the floor of the dog cages.

See videos here:—…

Unsurprisingly, one day after the release of this report, on 25th of July, 2014, the Romanian government finally announced the implementation of their ‘Animal Police’. It was said to be operational by October, 2014.

Romania and the world are still waiting….

Read more about the Romania-Animal-Police-Hoax, at:…

Even Mr Janusz WOJCIECHOWSKI – the new President of the EU Parliament’s Animal Welfare Intergroup – said that “Romania was not a good destination for tourists because Romania was now below any civilization standard” and we wish entire Europe and the world would boycott Romanian tourism and their products because money is the only language that the corrupt Romanian government understands.

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