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7 Kommentare zu “Forgotten Dogs in Romania waiting for death”

  1. Sonja Gollwitzer

    > Write Your letter here <

    Sleepless nights. Sad days. Many tears. Paralysing helplessness. Fury. Hate. Impotence. All these emotions follow us for a longer time. We have to witness animals being abused, mistreated and killed in the most cruesome ways.

    Since September 2013 the Romanian government „cleans“ the streets off dogs. This happens in the most horrible way. Because there seems to be no help from the government / EU we have decided to raise our voice. Support us and write a letter where you describe your frame of mind, your thoughts and your worries.

    Please spare: hate, fury, insults, discriminatory words and do in no case write anything about the subsidies because they don´t exist

    It´s only about your situation which is caused by the continuing situation in Romania.

    ♥ Let´s go back together to humanity again ♥

    Publish your letter in our event and also write it on a piece of paper by hand or by computer but not by e-mail.

    Who doesn´t want to write openly doesn´t have to, in this case you can send it directly to Renate Ernst.

    Important is the letter on a piece of paper because it will be enclosed to a complaint against the EU. The letter you send to the following adress:

    Renate Ernst, Karl-Stieler-Straße 8, 82131 Stockdorf, Germany

    Renate Ernst will hand in the complaint in cooperation with an EU-advocate.

    The odds are looking very well and who can enclose a medical certificate about his/her mental health would lift the whole thing.

    We shouldn´t spare any opportunity to do something againt the suffering of these animals.

    In our own account:

    Me (Anna Cisek, FAITH & HOPE for Animals) and Renate Ernst (an active animal protector) are the only organizer of this action.

    All other hosts and all admins who are registered on our page (which are accessible) are members of the team of FAITH & HOPE for Animals. The team of FAITH & HOPE undertakes the function of caring and the comliance of rules in the event. The team strives to keep the page clean off insuitable postings and pictures in all conscience. Every admin takes responsibility of his own diction and content.

    Me (Anna Cisek), Renate Ernst and this event including the team of FAITH & HOPE for Animals distance ourselves explicitly from any pictures and contents which are unsuitable and misplaced and which damage the event. All of them will be deleted and the persons will be blocked.

  2. Sonja Gollwitzer


  3. Sonja Gollwitzer

    Massacre in FOUR PAWS clinic in Bucharest
    City hall dog catchers illegally enter FOUR PAWS veterinary clinic and abuse dogs
    City / Bucharest, 24 March 2014 – Last Friday, 21 March 2014, several dog catchers of the local authority for stray dogs management ASPA abused and illegally took 18 dogs treated by the international animal welfare organisation FOUR PAWS. They broke the lock of the entrance, took the dogs and vandalized the post-operation paddocks of FOUR PAWS veterinary clinic in 6th District of Bucharest. FOUR PAWS sharply condemns the illegal and cruel action ordered by the City Hall of Bucharest and perpetrated by the ASPA.

    The dogs under treatment were captured by the city hall catchers applying extremely brutal methods (see video below) and were taken to the public shelter of Bragadiru near Bucharest. The abusive action was directed not only against the FOUR PAWS paddocks but also against the shelter in which the clinic is situated. Around 75 dogs were brutally taken out from there by the catchers. According to several eye witnesses, at least four dogs died on the spot because of the brutal handling. The public shelter’s administration refuses to give back the dogs, breaking several articles of the new law of stray dogs management. “The lethal action of ASPA has no meaning“, explains Gabriel Paun, Director of Campaigns at FOUR PAWS. „These dogs were rescued by us from terrible conditions and our teams brought them back to life. They were to be adopted. The dog catchers killed some, they injured others. We’ll do our best to rescue again those who survived the
    massacre and we hope to find loving families for them”.

    FOUR PAWS has a legal contract ongoing with the 6th District City Hall for a stray dogs neutering project and for the use of the veterinary clinic which is property of the City Hall. Since last Friday, ASPA representatives forbid FOUR PAWS members the access to the facility.The Protocol for stray dogs neutering signed with the 6th District city hall is still valid until April 2014, and FOUR PAWS has not received any evacuation ordinance up to this date. The way the City Hall of 6th District broke the Protocol is completely unexplainable, giving the fact that FOUR PAWS invested money from donations, a lot of efforts and time in this project, which was requested by the City Hall. FOUR PAWS so far has neutered over 3.000 dogs in the 6th District. „Breaking the locks and vandalizing the paddocks of FOUR PAWS by the city hall catchers is an illegal action“, stresses Gabriel Paun. „We filed complaint to the police and we will open a legal action against
    ASPA. The main accusations: killing and cruelty against anim als, theft, sequestration of private goods and vandalism.“

    All these abuses were carried out in the presence of the Local Police of 6th District. Instead of intervening for the law enforcement, the local policemen obstructed the access of FOUR PAWS representatives into the paddock.

    In October 2013 a stray dog killing law came into force following a tragic incident in which a little boy was fatally injured by stray dogs a month earlier. The methodology to be applied to the killing came to light at Christmas time and the killing started soon after. In recent weeks many animal welfare NGOs and citizens reported cases of abuse and law breaking by the local authorities. On 10 March FOUR PAWS has submitted legal steps at the Court of Appeal in Bucharest for the Romanian Government to freeze the killing of stray dogs. „The situation is obviously out of control. It is time for the prime minister to take the lead and stop the killing law and the abuse. He is the only one with the power to do so”, says Gabriel Paun.

    Link Video:
    Link video capture:
    Video/foto copyright: VIER PFOTEN

  4. Sonja Gollwitzer

    Today i was in public shelter,tomorrow i will take some dogs,i make two list,one for castrations and one for rezervations!!! In total i make rezerveds for almost 200 dogs,we need all help for this!!! PLEASE,I BEGGIN ALL ,HELP US FOR ALL THIS POORS SOULS!!!! You can not imagine what i feel today,so many fear,so many hopes in the eyes!!! PLEASE,I BEGING FOR HELP!!!


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  5. Sonja Gollwitzer

    All animal lovers to protest in the streets of their cities on the 8th of March against the massive killing of the strays in Romania

  6. Solon Lechonitis

    Ist disgusting that the EU tolerates such a cruel Country like Roumania.
    We feel ashame not only for this massacre but for the silence of all European Countries.

  7. Dorothea Fuller

    It Shows how brutal the EU government is. To see Pictures like this makes me feel set back hundrets of years. All this countries are backward. The People are backward leave alone the ill-treatment with the animals.

    Far from civilization.