Festive Dinners

Quick & Easy! 


freshly cooked dishes for your dog. That way our beloved companions stay fit and healthy. To ensure that it really works we have tried out our H&P-recipes ourselves, improved and tested them and assembled this compilation for you.

Every recipe contains an howto, ingredient list, all important vitamines und mineral nutritients with portions according to the weight of your dog.

You can download these goodies as single recipes, collections and the full edition.

Joyful cooking for you and a joyful dinner for your dog!

Due to recent events in the Ukraine we will donate 10% of our earnings from festive dinners to: SOS ANIMALS KIEV to help the dogs on location!

€ 0,95Single recipes

je 1 RezeptSelection from 21 recipes


€ 1,95Collections

6 collections a 3 recipesa 3 recipes


€ 9,95Edition

All 21 recipesAll 21 recipes


€ 2,497 tasty cookies

from the edition7 Recipes


Comming soon
The Big Lexicon of Nutrition

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